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  1. 1.定义AFTER行级触发器,当学生表Student的年龄发生变化后就自动在年龄变化表sage_log中增加一条相应记录
  2. 2.定义AFTER行级触发器,当删除学生表Student的一个学生信息后,同时删除学生选课表中该学生的所有选课记录
  3. 3.需要对在表上进行DML操作的用户进行安全检查,看是否具有合适的特权
  4. 4.如果某个特定客户ID的购买记录从销售表中删除后,则从客户表中删除该客户。
  5. If all sales for a particular customer_id get deleted from the sales table then delete that customer from thecustomers table.
  7. 5.如果一个特定客户支付的总金额高于10000,该客户的折扣小于10%然后将该客户的折扣设置为10%。在每一个插入到销售表之后,该触发器应该被激活。
  9. If the total amount paid by a particular customer gets higher than 10,000 and the discount for that customer is less than 10% then set the discount for that customer to 10% .The trigger should be activated after each insert into the sales table.
  11. 6.在客户中添加一个新的“AllPaid”栏,如果插入或更新或删除一个销售元组,那么修改该客户的“AllPaid”的值
  12. Add a new column "AllPaid" in Customer, if insert or update or delete a tuple of sales, then modify the "AllPaid" of this current customer.

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